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Veturai specializes in providing its clients with machine learning and big data solutions, as well as supporting organizations in unlocking their business potential through data science. We help our clients from numerous industries to discover how they can profit from using artificial intelligence. See how we could help you expand your business.


  • object and danger detection for autonomous vehicles
  • driver supervision with computer vision
  • shared mobility services analysis and demand prediction


  • diagnosis suggesting systems
  • medical images analysis for automated diagnoses
  • recommendation system for medical surveillance based on patient’s characteristics and medical records
  • natural language processing (doctors’ notes on patients) supporting diagnosis and - readmission forecasting
  • detection of overuse and outliers in the system
  • sales and demand forecasting.


  • object and situation detection for CCTV stystems
  • object detection for x-ray security screening systems
  • inspection of cargo
  • face recognition


  • visual quality control using computer vision
  • demand forecasting
  • analysis of food products
  • production process optimization

Financial sector

  • risk analysis
  • time-series forecasting
  • algorithmic trading strategies
  • text analytics
  • fraud detection

Travel & transportation

  • route optimization
  • demand forecasting


  • dynamic pricing
  • product recommender systems
  • demand forecasting
  • customer lifetime value prediction
  • churn modeling
  • cross-sell/upsell modeling


  • detection of overuse and outliers in systems
  • satellite imagery analytics
  • traffic optimization and simulation
  • adaptive systems for intelligent traffic management
  • urban planning
  • social media analytics